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5 Signs that Indicate Your Might Need Laser Eye Surgery ASAP

Do you still feel that your vision is impaired when you are wearing glasses or lenses? We might be leaping to conclusions but it’s possible that you have a cataract. Trouble with eyesight usually starts small when you can spot the words clearly while watching the news or playing games on the computer. As you get older, certain proteins in the lens can mix with each other. This is the reason why you usually experience a cloudy vision. In order to restore your vision, you need to have laser eye surgery from an eye specialist.

There are many clinics now open such as and more that are dedicated to making people’s vision better and strong. According to Medibank Better Health Index, as of March 2018, there were 700,000 Australians suffering from cataract. The Second Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation reports that cataract is more common in people who are 70 years old. In Australia, 90% of cataract operations are for people aged 60 years.

So, how does one develop cataracts?

Following are certain behaviours that put people at a significantly high risk of cataract:

  • Excessive computer work
  • Not wearing glasses while watching TV even if you have a prescription
  • Smoking
  • Not wearing glasses during the day when the sun is shining bright
  • Using steroids
  • Excessive radiation exposure
  • Diabetes

5 Signs of Cataract

1.    Blurry Vision

Do the words blur when you have been reading a book or seeing something online? It becomes difficult to grasp what is written and when you try to focus too hard, your eyes get watery.

2.    Yellow or Brown Tinge to the Eyes

Over time, the lenses grow dull and if you are not taking care of your eyes, you will see flecks of yellow or brown colour in your eyes. This colour impairs your vision and makes it difficult for you to perceive fine details. It feels like a veil has fallen over your eyes and try hard as you might, the vision doesn’t become clear. Moreover, this colour also makes it difficult for you to see at night.

3.    Light Sensitivity

While it’s normal that your eyes are a little sensitive to sunlight but when they feel the same indoors, then it means there’s something wrong. You not being able to stand bright lights, flashlight and computer screen light indicate that your eyes are weakening.

4.    Colour Change

The yellow and brown flecks are the culprit behind this sign. While you don’t become colour blind but you do find it difficult to distinguish bright colours.

5.    Halos around Lights

You enter the house and as you turn on the light, you see a halo around it. This is another sign that indicates your eyes are no longer used to bright lights. This symptom prevents you from driving during the night.

It’s important that you see a doctor as soon as possible when you experience these symptoms. While cataract is not contagious, you are likely to develop it in the other eye too. If left untreated, it can cause permanent loss of vision.

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