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Is Boxing A Good Cardio Workout? – What Will I Need To Get Started?

Boxing isn’t just reserved for the ring anymore. Not only can this sport provide you with an amazing full body workout, but it can help you build your cardio to unprecedented levels.

Over the years the sport has become somewhat of a fitness phenomenon, invading gyms all around the world. And, with its high intensity and quick movements, it really is easy to understand why the activity has grown so popular as a go-to cardio workout.

Plus, you would be surprised to learn just how fun it is to punch something.

Why Boxing Is The Go-To Fitness Workout For Cardio

You hear it all the time: You need to improve your cardio to prevent heart disease, burn calories, and maintain a healthy weight. However, when most people think about cardio they automatically think about running, jogging, or cycling. Well, with all due respect jumping on the treadmill for an hour at a time can be boring.

In addition to this, the whole point of cardio is to place a moderate amount of stress on the heart and lungs. This means that you are challenging yourself and body on a physical level and that is why boxing is so effective for cardio. It does just that and more as long as you keep your heart rate up.

Ready to Start Boxing For Cardio? – Get Your Boxing Gear In Check

Boxing really is a unique workout that can help you grow your cardio to new levels, but it can be applied on many different platforms. For instance, you can spar with a partner, you can shadow box solo, or you can take it to a heavy bag. That being said before you just run and jump in the ring there are some boxing gear essentials that you are going to need ahead of time, especially if you are a beginner and just getting started.

Now you see that boxing is a good cardio workout, but before you get started you need to make sure you get the right boxing gear.

Boxing Gloves / Heavy Bag Gloves

heavy bag gloves

Boxing gloves come in a wide range of options. You will find that you can choose from sparring gloves, heavy bag gloves, training gloves, competition gloves, and fitness or all-purpose padded gloves. In addition to this, you will also find that they come available in two different materials.

The type of boxing gloves that you choose will really depend on what activities you are going to partake in. When it comes to materials, you will have to decide between the vinyl gloves and leather gloves. For beginners and people who are just getting started but plan on training mainly on the heavy bag we would recommend getting a pair of heavy bag gloves or gloves with thicker padding.

Vinyl gloves are cheaper and probably more suitable for people who are just training for fitness rather than sport. These types of boxing gloves usually have a velcro strap on the wrist section and are much easier to put on. Leather gloves are without a doubt more durable and you might want to move onto these gloves once you have honed your skills a little bit.

Punching Bag

heavy bag

Next, you are going to need to get yourself a good punching bag. Of course, this won’t be as easy as running down to the sports store and picking up a bag. There are a number of bags available and every bag just might not be suitable for what you are looking to achieve.

First, you have the hanging heavy bag and this is a bag that is generally hung from a wall-mounted bracket or a free-standing system. These bags are packed very tightly with torn-up fabric, or sand,  which gives them a realistic and satisfying impact when punching and kicking them. You will want to opt for one that is made of tough-wearing leather.

Another type of bag available is the free standing punching bag. This is just like a heavy bag but is free standing, meaning you won’t have to drill any holes in the ground. This is a smaller version bag that really allows you to hone your skills without having to ruin your apartment or house. They will come available in a variety of sizes and colors.

The smaller bags are usually better for honing your punching skills, while the bigger bags are better for slipping, ducking, and rolling. These movements will double your cardio efforts.

Boxing Body Protector

boxing body protector

If you are going to be in the ring with a partner, you will without a doubt need a boxing body protector. These will keep you from getting hurt and bending over in pain. Trust me.. You’ll wish you had one.

Boxing body protectors are excellent for catching body punches and leaving your hands free to throw punches and create fight situations. This is a feature that will make mitt work much more effective. These protectors come available in a variety of sizes, but you basically will want to just choose one that provides an excellent and tight fit.

Boxing Mouthpiece

boxing mouthpiece

A boxing mouthpiece is going to be another essential item if you want to keep your teeth intact. Choosing a mouthpiece will be essential to protect yourself and you will want to make sure that you choose a good fitting one.

First off, the mouthpiece should not cause any discomfort or gag you. In addition to this, you should not have to bite or clench at the guard to keep it in place. If you find yourself doing this then it means that the guard isn’t fitting properly. You also want to make sure that the guard only covers the gums, you do not want it to completely cover the upper jaw.

Boxing Headgear

boxing headgear

Boxing headgear is another essential piece of gear that will offer the protection that you need to get a good cardio workout while boxing. Just like the gloves, there are a number of headgear types available.

You have everything from training headgear to the competition boxing headgear. For your purposes, the training headgear will probably be your best option. That being said, you will want to make sure that the headgear cradles your head and doesn’t make you feel trapped. In addition to this, the headgear shouldn’t compress the sides, front, or the back of your head in an uncomfortable way. You also want to make sure that it provides you with clear visibility.

Makes for a Perfect Home Workout

Now, that you have all your gear in check, you will be ready to begin your cardio quest. This home workout will take your cardio to the next level.

First, start by running in place for 5 minutes to get warmed up then take to the heavy bag for 3 minutes. Make sure that you are cycling between all-out punching and 30 seconds of punching at slower rates. You can also do 3 minutes of speed bag work and cardio while cycling between the same recovery rates.

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