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Pediatric Orthodontist Insights For Baby Teeth Care

The most joyful moment in the lives of husband and wife is when they become parents. After their baby is born, the family becomes complete and the baby is the centre of their attention. But the most vital responsibility of the parents is to take excellent care of the baby. The mouth has a strong link in maintaining a healthy body.

At What Age different Baby Teeth Appear?

New parents are overwhelmed with the feeling of joy and want to give their child the best. They must know that caring babies teeth are directly related with the overall health of the baby. Before start caring for them, it is important to be informed of which teeth emerge first and in what order. Below is the order in which the teeth appear. A total of 20 baby teeth that are divided equally in the following types;

Central and Lateral Incisors:

The very first teeth to erupt are the 4 incisors. The first normal incisors can come out when the baby is only 4 months old. They appear on the upper set of the teeth then comes the turn of the lower ones. Finally, all the lateral incisors are visible when the baby is 10-12 months old.

First Molars:

Next, the 4 primary molars are to appear with slow growth time. The upper two molars are usually the first ones to emerge when the baby is 13 months old. Then afterwards the lower ones come out. After these teeth appear the baby can chew onto solid food.

Canines (Cuspid):

The gap between the incisors and molars are filled up with the 4 canine teeth. They are also called vampire teeth because they are pointed which can help in tearing the food. It takes 16-23 months to fully develop these teeth.

Second Molars:

When the child reaches the age of 3, the second molar teeth also come out and the whole set of baby teeth is complete. These grinding teeth help in shaping the mouth and jaw.  The second molars are also 4 in number.

When you are assessing and charting the time period of your baby’s teeth, it is vital that you visit a clinic to have guidance. Pediatric Dentist Tulsa is one of many that are providing advice to the parents on how to take better care of their baby’s teeth.

Guidance from Pediatric Orthodontist near me:

Sometimes you can get help from a pediatric dental group that is in your city. This group has all the facilities that you will be searching to improve the dental health of the baby. Many tips can be given by the dental expert; a few of them are mentioned below.

Cleaning the Baby’s Mouth Pre Eruption:

A crucial thing to consider for the dental health of the baby is to keep the mouth clean even before any teeth erupt. A hygienically clean mouth will guarantee the growth of healthy teeth. You can cover a soft cloth around the finger and clean the extra food that can be stuck in the empty spaces of the mouth.

Pay Attention to the Gums:

Make sure that the gums are healthy and without any infection. Infection can develop if germs build up in the mouth. When the child starts to erupt teeth a feeling of restlessness makes the baby uneasy, so parents give various instruments to sooth the teeth. But keep in mind that these are soft.

Instructions for Baby teeth brushing:

When the child is about the age of 2, the majority of teeth have come out and the child is sensible enough to follow small instructions. You can give him a little dental kit so that he takes up the responsibility of brushing his own teeth.

Special Care for Teething:

If the baby is experiencing any dental problem then you must immediately try to solve it. Special care of the gums and teeth should be taken when the child is experiencing teething process. This makes the child uncomfortable but the use of gum rubbing, pain relief and teething rings can lessen the feeling.

Avoiding the Cavities:

When your child goes to bed be sure that he is not sucking onto it as it can create cavities in the gums. The infant should be given the bottle only for feeding not for anything else. The food or liquid particles can stick in the mouth and form plaque which can result in developing of cavities.

Introduce Pediatric Dental Services at Early Age:

Even a baby should develop the habit of visiting a dentist. The Pediatric Dental Services must start at a very early stage to make the child aware of the importance of dental care. This will also help the parents as their child will behave well during dental visits in the future.

As a parent, it is really vital that the teeth of the baby are in a good condition. This can only happen when both the pediatric dental group and parents work together and make efforts.

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