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Tattoos: What Are The Consequences For Your Health?

If you want to get a tattoo, however, you must know that tattooing involves risks, including allergic infections. Before you get tattooed, take the time to find out what it is and what are the consequences of tattooing on your health.

Be Aware Of The Health Consequences Of Tattooing

A tattoo is not a simple drawing on the skin. This is a medical procedure that involves introducing color pigments into the dermis. The introduction of a foreign substance is therefore not a trivial gesture. It generates an inflammation phenomenon and opens hundreds of doors to viral infections.

The tattoo causes hundreds of small wounds that will have to heal. The newly tattooed person should, therefore, monitor the progress of healing and ensure that no tattoo-related infections develop.

Indeed, being tattooed can cause different skin complications such as:

  • Local infectious risks such as granulomas or bacterial infections with staphylococcus.
  • Viral infectious risks hepatitis B, HIV or hepatitis C.
  • Risk of allergies due to ink: tattoo allergy symptoms are swelling and scratching the skin. It should be known that local treatment with corticosteroids is often insufficient, the source of allergy remaining active under the skin. In extreme cases of allergy, the tattoo must be removed either by laser or by surgery.

It is also not recommended to get a tattoo on a mole, as this would complicate their monitoring in case of cancerous diseases.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

Some precautions should be taken before getting tattooed:

  1. Choose your tattoo artist well: the latter must be approved by the health authorities.
  2. The general hygiene of the salon and the tattooist must be irreproachable (wearing gloves, presence of an autoclave to disinfect the multipurpose material, use of new disposable material for each client: needles, inks and strips).
  3. Before starting his work, the tattooist must inspect the area to make sure there is no lesion or mole.
  4. You must be informed beforehand of the possible complications and precautions to take once the tattoo is finished.

If the negative effects of the tattoo persist or appear, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. In most cases, complications arise from non-compliance with hygiene rules, contamination of the ink due to its composition or needles.

Aspects To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo

In addition to the consequences of tattooing, some minor aspects must be taken into account:

Removing a tattoo because you’ve got tired of it, or it’s a private or professional problem, is not always easy.
A change in morphology, the effects of age or pregnancy can induce changes in the design and make it less aesthetic.

Tattoos tend to have a bad reputation. And yet, a new study ensures that they would be very good for health. In addition to boosting self-confidence, they would help strengthen the body’s immune system. A good additional reason to pass under the needles?

We often hear reproaches about tattoos. Reproaches that come from elsewhere usually untattooed people, style:

“You will never find a job with a tattoo”
“You’ll regret, and it’s a horror to withdraw”
“It’s bad for health”.

Tattoos To Boost Your Immune System

Researchers from the University of Alabama conducted research with clients at several tattoo parlors. The latter were subjected to saliva samples before and after passing under the needles. And instantly, necessarily, their immune system was weakened.

This is not surprising in itself since the tattoo remains aggression of the skin.

But the more people have tattoos, the less their immune system is weakened. By force, the body takes the habit to fight against possible infections and is thus reinforced.

The study will, of course, have to be pushed further to confirm these results, but the first feedback is rather encouraging. Provided you take care of your tattoo properly, at a tattooist who works in good hygiene, there is no reason to catch an infection!

Tattoos, Good For Self-Esteem

This study joins the results of another survey, which states that tattooed people have higher self-esteem than people with virgin skin.
A good point to answer people who criticize you because of your tattoos!

Some modern tattoo techniques are less durable. The composition of the inks used is also less toxic, but the price of a tattoo using these techniques is generally higher. For more information, visit Tattooli :Tattoo Ideas and Designs.

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