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What Is The Best Workout Equipment for an Apartment Gym?

So, the good news is you’re not just a normal old couch potato, or well.. If you are, at least you are trying to improve your health and fitness through working out and getting back into shape.

Problem is, you live in an apartment.. So now you have one of two options..

  • Get a gym membership and pay monthly fees forever…
  • Build a home gym inside of your apartment

The fact that you are reading this article goes to show that you have chosen the latter of the two. Now, you must obviously have space for this home gym in your apartment but the next problem to tackle is how do you go about building one. More specifically which pieces of workout equipment will you need?

Here you will find out the must-have essential equipment for your apartment home gym.


This is an obvious answer and if you didn’t know this already, well.. Now ya do. Dumbbells are the basis of almost all workouts and will allow you to get a range of different types of exercises in and will allow you to workout literally every single major muscle group on your body.

These things can be picked up at almost any sporting goods store or even online for a very cheap price.

Punching Bag or Heavy Bag

An apartment punching bag is next on our list, and will come in very handy if you plan on doing any type of cardio type exercises. The reason we choose a punching bag for your apartment is because the only other way to be getting in cardio is on a treadmill or something that requires jumping up and down. And trust me, this is not something that you want to be doing when you are in an apartment. People will be bitching and you will most definitely get a complaint. No bueno.

With a punching bag set up in your apartment, you can get in all types of cardio and strength training types of workouts as well as High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT).

Resistance Bands

Yes, resistance bands are going to be absolutely necessary for your apartment. These little baby bands can give you some of the most brutal workouts if you know how to work them right. I myself stopped using them because they literally just wore me the heck out. But I’m giving myself a goal now to start using them again. You know that burn you get when you are on your last few reps or when you make a long walk up stairs after drinking a couple of beers.. Yeah that’s the burn resistance bands will give you at all times because they do not give a shit about gravity, they just keep on pulling without mercy.

These things can be picked up dirt cheap from a place like amazon or any other sporting goods store in your local city. They are cheap and will murder your muscles.

*Note: use these more for toning rather than building bulk muscle.

Weight Bench

Last on our list of essential must-have workout equipment for your apartment is going to be the weight bench. This is simply just a padded bench that will elevate you from the ground allowing you to get multiple exercises in. This is a must if you want to be able to do any bulk muscle building exercises. This compliments all of the other equipment and will allow you to do bench press, tricep dips, abs exercises, resistance band exercises and pretty much everything else that you can do at a gym with free weights and bodyweight workouts.

Build a Home Gym In Your Apartment Is Easy

So ya see, building a personal workout gym in your apartment is easy, to say the least and not only that, it’s also cheap as can be. By doing this you will save yourself tons on membership fees, wait times, drive times, and any other wasted efforts by keeping yourself at home.

Now that you know the equipment you need to get, it’s your turn to get to action and start your shopping and get yourself back into shape or if you are already in shape, keep yourself looking good. Its summer time now so don’t be a fat ass.

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